Going to Africa!

Once a year, the Grace Bible Churches of Cameroon get together for their National Conference, usually in the month of December. There are 80 churches now in our fellowship around Cameroon, with a few in Nigeria, Chad and now in Gabon.

The conference is held in different locations around the country to help the people who are unable to travel to participate every few years. Last year, as an example, the conference was held in Touboro, a village of about 5 or 10 thousand people (no one knows for sure) in the Northeast next to Chad. Touboro was close enough for a few hundred folks to come by bus and train and stay in the village for a few days of rejoicing and fellowship.

This year, the National Conference will be held in Mfomakap, the village where the campus of Cameroon Biblical Seminary is located. This means that it is centrally located for many of our churches and since many of the pastors were trained at the seminary, we expect a big crowd for this years conference.

The original planning had Don going to join them for the conference. Unfortunately, the doctors won’t let him travel right now. He loves being at home there on campus in Africa. You can’t live somewhere for over 50 years and not wish you could be there because it is without a doubt home for him and Betty.

So, to be sure that the folks in the churches and on campus at the seminary know that we are working here just like they are working there, I am off again to be with them and revel in the fellowship of our kindred brothers and sisters.

The will be my third December in Cameroon in a row. It is a joyous time to be with them and celebrate not just the gathering of the Body, but the celebration of Christ’s birth as well.

I leave Wednesday December 3 and will return just before Christmas. Pray for safe travel and a blessed time with ou brothers and sisters there in Cameroon!


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