Bonne Arrive!

Bonne Arrive!

Don and Betty Hocking welcome Joseph and Sylviane Ela to the US at LAX.


The Ela’s are coming, the Ela’s are coming!

The way it works is that you leave for the airport in Yaounde about 5 or 6 hours before your flight, because the traffic is bad and it’s a Third World airport with some very rigorous security.  You wait around if you’re early and enjoy fellowship.  Then the journey begins and you eventually get released from the system tomorrow night.  It’s a long jouney. 

The Ela’s have already left for the airport and it’s only lunch time here.  Their plane is loading and they push back for takeoff in moments.  Seat backs in the upright position.  Tables stowed.  Under the seat in front of you. etc…..

We have a small crowd going to welcome them into LAX tomorrow afternoon.  LA traffic around the airport can be brutal; a real nightmare.  We leave early to avoid stress. 

We are all really excited to see them on US soil.